Show organisers confirm visitor numbers have surged over the past few weeks. “The virtual exhibition is the only full-sized virtual trade fair open at the moment, so we’ve found both visitor numbers and stand bookings have risen sharply” states Nigel Borrell. “Footfall through the doors is currently increasing by over 10,000 per week”.

“We still support live shows and originally saw the online platform as a way of bridging the gap between live shows” adds Sara Gordon, “ however is a standalone show. We took the decision not to align with a live show for this event so we could prove to audiences and exhibitors that the concept of a virtual exhibition was strong enough to be successful in its own right.”

However, with a large number of live exhibitions and conferences cancelling or postponing their events to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, interest has turned quickly to digital alternatives. is hosted on the V-Ex platform which was designed from the outset to manage large-scale trade shows with hundreds of stands and thousands of visitors.