How does a virtual exhibition work?

Much like a live exhibition, a virtual exhibition is designed to allow show visitors to learn about the latest developments within their industry and to talk to potential suppliers and customers. Having registered for the show, you’ll have the freedom to explore the exhibitions and visit all of the exhibition stands. You can browse the show by ‘walking’ down the aisles or go directly to a specific stand using the interactive floorplan or the search tool. Once on a stand you’ll have access to product literature and videos and will be able to request further information from any companies that are of interest to you. You can save any information that you might want to refer back to using the Virtual Goodie Bag and share exhibition stand content via social media.

What can expect to see at the show?

Just like a live exhibition, you’ll see many of the leading industrial brands as well as a large number of SMEs. The one thing that the exhibitors have in common is that they will have populated their stands with the latest and greatest products and services available. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you’ll be able to download literature, watch videos and direct enquiries.

What information can I see in my profile?

Your profile lets you review your contact history and update your privacy settings. You will also be able to review your browsing history and re-visit all of the hotspots that you’ve added to your Virtual Goodie Bag.

Is the show GDPR compliant?

Yes. While the aim of the show is to help businesses and customers to communicate, we take the privacy of our visitors and exhibitors extremely seriously. The only time we pass on your details is if you’ve asked for an exhibitor to make direct contact with you. Otherwise, your browsing history and the contents of your Goody Bag are kept private. This is all explained in our Privacy Policy, but if you have any question about the way we manage your data or the detail we hold please contact us directly.

How do I visit the virtual exhibition?

From the Home screen of this website just hit ‘Enter’. You’ll be asked to register your details the first time you visit and then you will be free to explore. If you’ve been sent an invitation from one of our exhibitors then you’ll be able to follow the link within the email directly to the show.

How do I login to my profile?

By clicking ‘remember me’ when you first register you shouldn’t have to log back in when returning to the exhibition. However, if you are visiting the exhibition from a new computer you can access your profile by logging on when you land on the registration screen.

How do I visit a virtual stand?

Having entered the show you’ll have the option to navigate through the exhibition hall or go directly to a chosen stand using the interactive floorplan or exhibitor list found on the tool bar to the left of the screen. If you want to find a list of exhibition stands that are relevant to a certain product or service, use the search function. You can quickly navigate through our database of thousands of products and visit the best stands with a single click.

Where do I register for the show?

If you want to get the most out of the show then you’ll need to register. When you first enter the show you’ll be asked to fill in a registration form. We respect your privacy, so feel free to enter as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with. However, we do need to know your contact details if you want to use the literature download function; the more information you provide, the better we can make your visit. If you want to edit your details you can visit your profile via the ‘My Goodie Bag’ icon on the screen.

When will I receive my Goodie bag items?

Everyone who visits a live show loves to see what freebies they can pick up along the way. It’s no different at a Virtual Show with many exhibitors offering visitors free gifts which can be added to the Virtual Goodie Bag.

Can I talk to people on the stand?

You can communicate with exhibitors in several ways. If you use the messenger function you can leave a question about the product or service you are looking at and a stand representative will reply back as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can email an exhibitor directly.

How do I make an enquiry about a product I’ve seen?

You can make direct enquiries to the exhibitor via the hotspot tools as you browse the stand.

Can I share items I have found with my colleagues?

It is easy to share information you’ve found at Industry Expo using the tool available on the hotspot. Share the information via social media or directly to a colleague via email. You can also print out the hotspot information or save it in your Virtual Goodie Bag.

If you have any other questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.