The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) has launched its online virtual exhibition stand to open the trade association’s benefits to a wider audience. The latest digital marketing tool is now live at for visitors to check out the various repair, maintenance and replacement services available to industry from its members.

Everything from a power station to an air conditioning unit can be repaired and maintained by AEMT members. AEMT Secretary, Thomas Marks, is responsible for the AEMT Journal, conference, awards and exhibitions. He comments, “We have to embrace new technology, not just in terms of what our members can offer, but in the way we communicate what we do. The virtual exhibition stand is on 24/7 and is easy to access from any web browser, it also looks very realistic, so is an ideal platform for us to connect with many more professionals.”

The AEMT live exhibition stand provides a fast, visual snapshot of what the association stands for and the electromechanical benefits its members can bring to all industries. Subjects range from hazardous area equipment repair to sustainable repairs and increasing the efficiency of motor driven systems. The stand has 360degree views and a wide variety of information hotspots, plus exclusive areas for existing members.

IndustryExpo Director, Nigel Borrell adds, “It’s great to see trade associations take part in the show as they represent so many companies. There is a lot for visitors to learn and a genuine reason for visiting the AEMT stand, to benefit commercially from what the members have to offer, plus the training and advice provided by the association on standards, legislation and the latest trends.”

Take a look here.

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