Weidmuller understands that connectivity is the key in today’s world of Smart factories and Industry 4.0. Customers and partners around the world are supported with products, solutions and services to manage power, signals and data 24/7. With this service level, and digital innovation in mind, Weidmuller has launched an ‘always on’ virtual exhibition stand that gives visitors access to its latest solutions.

The Weidmuller virtual exhibition stand – which can be found at the Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition – is influenced by the company’s live stand designs and features product brochures, technical documents, videos and live links to product landing pages. Visitors can navigate through the stand and interact with the exhibits to find out more about Weidmuller’s most popular products.

Lesley Young, Marketing Communications Manager for Weidmuller in the UK, comments: “In the light of Industry 4.0 and the digitalisation of industry it’s only natural that we open up our communications to a digital savvy audience. The virtual stand allows us to promote our latest innovations to our audiences in the UK and invite customers to visit our microsites and download our literature when it suits them.”

The Weidmuller stand is now live at the IndustryExpo exhibition hall here. To find out more about how to build your own virtual stand and exhibit at IndustryExpo visit industryexpo.online.

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