Radwell International is using the IndustryExpo Virtual Exhibition as a ‘permanently open platform’ to demonstrate its range of industry leading automation parts and repair services to 500,000+ visitors.

Today, Radwell International operates globally as one of the largest industrial repair and distribution facilities in the world. Visitors to its virtual stand are presented with a visual browsing experience that makes it easy to find information and view the complete range of services offered by Radwell International.

Martin Thomas, European Marketing Manager at Radwell International, explains: “At Radwell we believe in doing things differently to the mainstream. Beyond traditional repair and distribution services, we also offer Obsolescence Management, Inventory Buy Back and Manufactured Replacement Parts which help our customers to improve margins and reduce stock inefficiency.

“IndustryExpo is offering us the opportunity to communicate with our customers in a new and engaging manner – which fits perfectly with our mission to develop products and services that lead in the market place.”

The Radwell International stand is now live on the IndustryUK website here. To find out more about how to build your own virtual stand and exhibit at IndustryUK visit industryuk.online.

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