IndustryUK launches a 3D online configurator tool for designing exhibition stands – virtually.

While the exhibition stands are designed using a web browser tool and called ‘virtual’ – the team that created the app are keen to emphasise that the 3D models are real enough and can be used at the IndustryUK virtual online exhibition, launching in January 2019.

According to the organisers, the IndustryUK industrial trade fair will be the first full scale immersive virtual exhibition ever. Companies looking to promote manufacturing and processing equipment, machines, components and services have the option to re-create an existing stand, or, build something new. The configurator makes it very easy to create a new stand, in just minutes.

Sales Directors, Nigel Borrell and Sara Gordon, comment, “We have a huge amount of interest in the show, with many companies deciding to go for a custom stand that allows them to do what couldn’t be done at a live trade fair. However, our philosophy is to make the virtual exhibition far more accessible for exhibitors as well as to visitors; we wanted to make it possible for anyone to design a great looking stand!”

Most people will be aware of car configurators, that show different colour and trim options, the IndustryUK virtual stand configurator is similar in that it has a list of available stand elements such as plinths, TVs and pull-up banners etc., the big difference is that there is far more choice on where they are positioned and what theme the stand has.

Users can choose between 3x3m stands and 6x3m stands, then change the colour and style on-the-fly. Once a design and layout has been decided, then the user can click ‘build’ and a complete stand build list, plus a live link back to the build will be emailed to them automatically.

You can choose whether a sales person contacts you or not each time, so anyone who is interested in designing a stand can produce as many variations as they like. Before you ask, the standard 3x3m pack starts at £1,500 and includes a full build, floor space at the show for 12 months, visitor stats and much more.

When the ideal virtual exhibition booth has been signed-off and paid for, then it is built by the technical team at higher resolution and loaded onto the IndustryUK exhibition’s online user interface. From there, exhibitors can add products, literature, movies, posters, websites and anything else that can be hosted online or modelled in 3D.

To have a go at designing your perfect virtual exhibition stand visit:

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